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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance is insurance that covers a boat owner in the event of loss or damage to their boat. Most policies cover those boats with motors, including leisure crafts, fishing boats, paddle boats, pontoon boats and yachts. However, it does not normally cover personal watercrafts, kayaks and canoes. The insurance is applicable for any individual who owns a boat, and the amount of insurance depends on factors such as the age of the boat, the boat’s value, motor size and how the boat is used.


This type of insurance works by providing coverage for a variety of incidents, dependent upon the specific type of coverage selected. Therefore, a boat owner who experiences a theft, accident or other covered loss can file a claim and receive a payment that covers the loss. The insurance policy may include collision damage coverage, property damage liability and bodily injury liability. In addition, comprehensive coverage is available which provides compensation when a boat is stolen, damaged or vandalized in a non-collision incident. Other coverage options for boat insurance may include coverage for personal property and roadside assistance, fishing equipment and medical payments, as well as injuries and damages from incidents caused by underinsured or uninsured boaters.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you know how auto insurance works, then you know how bike insurance works. They are identical in the way they are used. For instance, if you are involved in an accident and suffer any injury to your body or vehicle, or cause any injury to another person’s body or vehicle, the damages will be covered and paid for by your insurance company, per the terms of your policy. Just remember, the amounts that will be covered are dependent on the amount of insurance you have purchased from your provider.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles insurance is a type of insurance that is meant only for a particular type of motor vehicle. The recreational vehicle is defined as a motorized two wheel or four wheel vehicle that can be operated on most roads. However, the recreational vehicle is usually not fast enough to operate on public thoroughfares such as highways and streets.

ATV and Off-Road Insurance

Right along with your policy, you’ll get the help of a local agent who knows the ins and outs of ATV insurance and can help guide you through them. He or she can answer any questions you might have and help you:

  • Understand your coverage choices so you can decide what’s right for you
  • Maximize your savings with the latest available discounts
  • Save more with our multi-policy discounts
  • Find the answers you need about the claims process
  • Discover new tips for maintaining and enjoying your 4×4 to the fullest

Classic Auto

Traditional auto coverage may not offer the special protection your classic car needs. Unlike an ordinary policy, classic car insurance may reimburse you for your vehicle’s value if it’s damaged or destroyed. An agent can give you a quote and write up your policy.

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